Goodbye 2016!

Goodbye 2016!

When people look back at this year in the decades to come, I’m sure they’ll recall events such as Brexit, Trump or the myriad of celebrity deaths that seemed endless. Whilst I’m sure I’ll be sobbing onto my 6 foot Harambe shrine, I also have a bucket and a half of great memories to look back on. See, I actually really liked 2016.

One of the most important things I have learnt in 2016 is self-care. Contrary to popular belief, self-care is not just a bath bomb and green juice. Self-care is giving yourself more than one second chance, allowing yourself to fail, and then fail again. For me, 2016 has been the year of protection and nourishment. I have pruned toxic thoughts and people as if I was an AlphaBeta algorithm. I have also allowed myself to express (a lot through this blog actually,) thus creating a backdoor into my thoughts. Even in the most suffocating of spaces, a sense of belonging can create a home.

For me, this year has been about becoming an adult and accepting that I still enjoy many of the things that I enjoyed in my childhood. It feels as if someone has slapped a fisheye lens onto my face and unleashed me into the scary adult world. Only, it’s nowhere near as terrifying as I imagined. I’ve realised I don’t need to embody the idealised version of an adult, just like I’ve never embodied the stereotypical idea of an Engineer. I’ve learned that the biggest waste of time ever is the act of regretting. Every step and tumble that I’ve taken throughout my entire life has led me to who I am today. Rewriting the past is a pointless venture, frankly, I’d rather be excited about the future.

2016 is the year where I’ve learnt to value my platonic friendships just as much as my romantic ones. I am incredibly lucky to have friends that will stay up with me till morning light as I sob about something stupid, people who will surprise me at my house when they know I’m feeling bad, people that write me messages that warm my heart and soothe my soul like mulled apple cider in November.

Thank you to people who I have laughed and cried with in 2016. People with which I have spent morning exams, afternoon picnics, lazy evenings and nights void of sobriety. Thank you to everyone who never made wanting to be alone sometimes a bad or weird thing, yet welcome me with open arms whenever and wherever.

Photo Credit: Sophie