We all know that feeling when you walk into labs and you feel the sexual tension like the voltage ripple on a Boost converter. Yet too often the impedance is too high for the current to flow. We’ve checked online, and there’s no datasheet, so we’ve decided to compile our own sure-to-work, guaranteed-success, 100 % untested, pick-up lines to finally get you that hot guy or gal you’ve been probing for in the labs. Please do not hold it against us if it doesn’t work – sometimes the SNR just isn’t high enough. Also, it’s probably best to only use a few on each person, that way you’ve got some left over for the 2nd hottest guy/gal.

  1. – Your capacitor must be incredibly large cause you’re so smooth
  2. – I’d happily search depth-first for your goal state
  3. – Are you a Boost converter? Cause you just increased my potential
  4. – My D is no flip-flop, guy/gal (contributed by our anonymous friend)
  5. – Are you F# cause your level is HIGH
  6. – You’re a depletion mode MOSFET – no bias needed to turn me on
  7. – I’d coordinate with you in a multi-agent system
  8. – If I was an alpha-beta algorithm you’d be the one branch I wouldn’t prune
  9. – You’re my goal state, I feel myself searching all over for you
  10. – There’s no linear classifier for us: we’re inseparable
  11. – Are you fields? Cause I could see myself staying up all night memorising your curves
  12. – I don’t want to memoise you; I’d rather have the pleasure of figuring you out over and over
  13. – Your reverse bias is so high, that I’ll have an avalanche breakdown
  14. – You’re the capacitor to my inductor – we resonate together
  15. – Are you a generator? Cause I can feel your power flowing through me
  16. – You say you’re singular, but I know singular value decomposition 😉
  17. – Your expected value tonight will be me
  18. – Would you tell me your variance – I’d like to know how you spread
  19. – Call me biased but you’re turning me on
  20. – I’m an anonymous function, I’ll do anything for you
  21. – Are you a for loop – I’d like to iterate all over you
  22. – What’s your carrier frequency – I’d like to demodulate you
  23. – Are you underdamped – cause you’re making me overshoot

Good luck, from Francine and Sigrid 😉


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