Francine the machine, learning

Francine the machine, learning

At 8pm yesterday, I officially finished my penultimate year of university. At 10pm yesterday, I turned 21 years old. So, as this is my blog and therefore a platform for me to chunder out my thoughts and fantasies, here is a life update for all my fans. Also, since I’ve been absorbed into the hazardous womb that is an Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree, prepare for some god-awful puns.

I have come to the realisation that I am a machine, learning. I’ve received twenty-one years’ worth of training data and my issue is that I too often overfit to the scenarios I have seen. I have an etched-out blueprint of how I expect a scenario to unfold, based on what I’ve experienced before.  For my non EEE fans, overfitting is when something acclimatises too strongly to data it has seen and therefore makes poorer choices on data it hasn’t seen. So, when things don’t happen like I envisioned, I find myself with a high error rate. Don’t get me wrong, I’m getting better at this being human stuff. Like, I’ve realised that movies don’t mimic The Real World and people will often say things they think they want you to hear rather than what they actually mean. I’ve learnt to take things with a mega pinch of salt rather than be salty. I’ve definitely improved my hypothesis compared to previous years. Then again, I hope I have at least twenty-one more years of training data to learn from.

University is also the time where most people discover their poison of choice.  I’ve discovered that I am addicted to people, the buzz and thrills of social interaction. The excitement of meeting a new person, making a new friend and unloading my emotional brain dump onto a new set of ears and eyes. Keeping myself unreasonably busy this term seemed to be my way of coping with any encroaching loneliness. Cause you can’t feel lonely if you have no time to feel lonely, right? So, I’ve morphed from an introverted person into someone who craves social interaction like an alcoholic sips whiskey. Thinking back at this year, I’ve dedicated the hugest chunk of my time to chatting and coding.

Sadly, I’ve also learnt that you can’t just detach emotions like you can with functions from interrupts. In the same fashion, I can’t drip feed myself with the heart-warming tingle that I get from socialising. So, I’ve been in search of a new high. Something for me to sink my teeth into and get absorbed in.  I’ve been incessantly panicking for the past three days at the thought of having no deadlines and no people to be around. Whilst I used to be perfectly content with mooching around on a sofa all summer watching Netflix, I literally can’t bear the thought of that anymore. Now I’ve got 6 months of work to look forward to, and along with that I’ve got free evenings and weekends for the first time in months. So here goes my foray back into the non EEE world, how will I cope without all the Python?